An iced coffee sits in front me it drips on the table,  whiskey stings my throat. The windows are open and the silk drapes are caught in a gentle breeze, the clouds are grey. Rain drizzles down the window pane to the melody of faint music. 

Another day racing beyond my grasp. Notebooks scatter in front of me, fleeting emotions captured, pulled apart and disposed of.

I haven’t been writing as much as I would like to. I almost feel disappointed in myself. I had promised to start writing a book, I got past the first paragraph, then the first page, then the fifth, though after that words fell apart. Just like life, i’m good with the introduction, i’m good with dreaming and ideas, though when it comes to reality, what should happen next, my fabricated wall of day dreamed lies fall apart and the harsh reality drowns me. 

I might go for a walk later, get a coffee, watch people pass me by. 



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Turquoise Tides

Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark – Zen Proverb

The Sun sets casting deep pinks and burnt oranges across the horizon, as the turquoise tides caress white sands. I sit under a swaying palm, digging my feet into the scorching sand, my dress clings to my body in the sweltering heat and the humid air is thick.

Lately I feel the tides of my mind have been calming, a new age appears inside, where I would drowned in the past I am learning to swim and float. The ripples of progress and self improvement are reaching far, and I can see them extending to my relationships – with myself, others and the world around me.

Iced water drips on my hand from my cocktail, the sky is illuminated in the suns light, time ticks by as another night escapes my grasp.