An iced coffee sits in front me it drips on the table,  whiskey stings my throat. The windows are open and the silk drapes are caught in a gentle breeze, the clouds are grey. Rain drizzles down the window pane to the melody of faint music. 

Another day racing beyond my grasp. Notebooks scatter in front of me, fleeting emotions captured, pulled apart and disposed of.

I haven’t been writing as much as I would like to. I almost feel disappointed in myself. I had promised to start writing a book, I got past the first paragraph, then the first page, then the fifth, though after that words fell apart. Just like life, i’m good with the introduction, i’m good with dreaming and ideas, though when it comes to reality, what should happen next, my fabricated wall of day dreamed lies fall apart and the harsh reality drowns me. 

I might go for a walk later, get a coffee, watch people pass me by. 



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2 thoughts on “Désir

  1. You know, a lot of people struggle with finishing longer writing projects. And it’s even more challenging when you like to write intense pieces packed with emotion, because that sort of writing lends itself best to short, dramatic vignettes. It’s hard to translate that into length.

    But you may have stumbled on your own solution by saying that you’re good with introductions and struggle with the rest. (Side note: I’m like that too. I think it’s a third-culture kid thing?) Perhaps you need to break down your book into smaller chunks, to think of it as a series of many short pieces (that you can edit back to a single long text later, if needed) so that, for the time being, you can feel like you are writing many introductions. I can recommend a lovely book called ‘Bird by Bird’ by Anne Lamott which lays out such a writing method.

    Take care and keep writing!

    • This is a great idea, and thank you for taking the time to respond!

      I think this might be the course my little book takes, short stories around the same character, a girl called Sophia who is in many ways myself. I guess I am using her to sort out my problems, and maybe in turn help others, or, at least inspire them to sorting out their puzzle.

      I will look into “Bird by Bird”, i’m always looking for lovely new books to line my walls with~


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